Modern Youth

Pages: 2 (413 words) Published: September 18, 2012
Modern Youth
* Youth is period of irresponiblities.
* Modern youth have a rebellious look.
* The present youth are disobedient.
* Causes of the blunders of youth.
* Suggestion to remove the blunders of youth.
Men has there stages of life : Childhood , youth and old age youth, no doubt, is a period of irresponibilities.They don’t their duties well. They waste their precious time in idle activities. They just want to outshine in social circle. They create trouble for others who want to do something positive. Modern youth have a rebellious look. There centuries of interest are quiet different from the previous generation. Their tastes and options are alarming.They don’t believe in traditional vales and by hearing the noisy music .Their rebellious attitude is disturbing for all. They grow furious when the society does not care for their strange desire.When they are rejected time and again,they take refuge to the house of criminals.They are seen behind the bars after looting and shooting. They modern youth are disobedient and have no respect for the elders. They react their parents and teachers rudely and don’t care for their love and affection. We read in the newspapers about the maunder of a father by his own, or the unreasoned and shameful treatment of a student with his teacher.They want to break all the carriers in their ways. Youth have became rebels to the socity.They don’t accept the realities/moral values of society tastes and opinion are alarming.They do not believes in traditional values and love a life full of thrill.They become/grow furious when the socity does not care for their strange desires.When he is rejected again and again , he takes refuge in the house of crimes.He is seen behind the bars after looting and shooting. There are many causes of the revolt of the modern youth. They see injustice in the society. They see wealth in the hand of a few presons.He wants to live according to their own desires. They want to outshone in...
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