Modern World. a Short Story

Topics: Machine, Technology, Computer Pages: 2 (858 words) Published: February 9, 2013
Modern World
From day to day, our world has been change gradually from one condition to another. The revolution of new ideas always comes up to the minds of every person, especially the idea to improve technology which people need to make better living. Modern technologies like computers, cell phones, robots and other electronic machines or even those battery-generated were attracted almost all people around the world. Many people discuss about modern technologies that can help us to make our work easier and faster. Although modern technologies give some advantages such as ways for fast communication, the improvement of faster travelling and also it helps our business to be more organized. However, an increase of dependence to the machine, decrease of employments and job opportunities, and miscommunication are brought by these technologies too. For the plus side, we can get the fast ways of communication through cell phones and computers. Nowadays, people can get hot news from any parts of our country or even around the world very quickly by using electronic mail and internet. We can easily be in touch with our relatives. To mail letters, we can just rapidly send messages to our friends from other city or country instead of taking much time sending it to the post office. And they can reply or give their feedbacks effortless. It helps a lot especially to the businessmen, in a way that they can make transactions as fast as the cash payments do. Those tools can talk straightforward their investors even though they are out of the country. Not only that, but also it helps them to recognized by more capitalists because of posting their advertisement to the different websites. Next, modern technologies bring us the convenience of travelling. Now, we have aircrafts that can make our trip more comfortable and faster. We all know that before, it takes long time to travel from one place to another place not because of traffic but because of the transportation device used....
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