Modern World Nationalism

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The Making of the Modern World

Progressive Ideas and Movements

During the Progressive Era new ideas and ways of living were being formed. Nationalism was one idea that emerged towards the end of the Middle Ages. It is the idea that people all share similar interests including culture, language and religion. It is also the sense of belonging to a nation and is the creation of a single government over a large territory.

Nationalism can originate when people decide to unite to form a government of their own or when people try to stop their individuality from being transformed by a powerful group. It displays human activity by people of a nation as a whole character. People living in a nation are assumed to speak the national language and accept the nation’s principles and symbols. Nations that shared the characteristics of nationalism are called ‘nation-states.’

A precise indication of nationalism began in 1789 with the French Revolution. People of France declared that from then on, they would establish their nation and direct its future. French revolutionaries created some practises that could form a unique identity amongst the French people. French armies moved around parts of Europe including Belgium, Holland, Italy and Switzerland spreading about the idea of nationalism. However this resulted in revolutionary wars.

The creation of nationalism changed the way people thought and their sense of belonging changed too. People used to believe they only belonged to tribes, cities or local communities. Things such as travel and communication changed and improved and in the 1700s, European countries England, France and Spain became nation-states. Through the 1800s many more countries became nation-states some by winning their independences.

With many effects nationalism has caused over many years, it can be good and bad. As it gives people of a nation their own belonging it can give them pride too. Nationalism, however,...
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