Modern Weapons Seem to Hide More Dangers Than the Weapons of the Past Did

Topics: Nuclear weapon, World War II, Missile Pages: 2 (447 words) Published: April 17, 2008
Human beings have been using weapons since the time they lived in caves. The power of weapons has increased along the history of mankind. The problem is that the potential of mass destruction and hidden harmful effects of modern weapons insidiously reached a very dangerous limit. The brief history on this changing is commented hereunder: During ancient times, men used corporal fighting or throwing stones to each other to resolve their problems. They started the use of cutting and perforating weapons later as knives, swords, arrows and other similar features of this type of killing devices. Those weapons were used for centuries mostly till the middle of the last millennium. The danger of those so called "cold weapons" was not big to mass-killing at that stage. A significant milestone in the history of weapons was the invention of gunpowder. It was used firstly as an explosive element to propel bullets and projectiles from guns and later from canons. Here started the real danger and power of destruction to fortifications and to a great number of people that could be dead with only one shot. The gunpowder was also used in the old bombs and likewise mortal explosives. Those yet simple weapons were used intensively in the two major world wars and were responsible for the killing of millions of people. World War II was responsible at its final years for another turning point on the escalation of weapons with the beginning of use of nuclear bombs that later on conveyed to the production of intercontinental missiles and artifacts alike. By this time, the power of weapons started being really devastating as threatening large areas that could destroy or affect catastrophically big cities and their population. In recent years, many other hazardous weapons were developed not only using nuclear technology but also containing chemical and biological associated effects. Most of those new weapons are not well known by the public and certainly hide much more danger than it would...
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