Modern Victorian Woman

Topics: Victorian era, Need, Want Pages: 1 (372 words) Published: March 5, 2013
The woman I chose is my step-mom, Heather Gassner. She is very clean cut and normal by the standards of society. Heather has medium length brown/blonde hair and a pretty white smile with straight teeth. She wears very light make-up and modest clothing. Heather shows her “Victorian ways” by her modest dress and polite attitude. Her job and mission in life is to make sure her family is well taken care of and provided for. She loves her family and will do whatever she needs to in order to make sure they have everything they need. Heather is a stay at home mom, which adds to her Victorian lifestyle even more since Victorian women were expected to stay home and tend to the house and kids all day. I think Heather would fit in well with Victorian society in some ways and better in today’s society in others. She would fit in well with the Victorians because, as I’ve stated before, she stays home and tends to the needs of her husband and kids. However, she wouldn’t fit in with the Victorians in different aspects because Victorian women were expected to believe and have the same opinions that of her husband and Heather doesn’t always agree with the things her husband says and she isn’t afraid to admit it. That would not go over very well in Victorian society. The only way it seems that Heather doesn’t fall perfectly in the Victorian category is by her opinions and beliefs and also her size. Victorian women, as I’ve previously stated, were expected to have the same thoughts, opinions, and beliefs as her husband. Victorian women were also thought of as ‘chunky around the edges’ and Heather is very slim and petite. Heather voices her opinions, no matter what they are and she is far from chunky. I see Heather as far more Victorian than not. She stays home during the day, takes care of her family, and loves them very much. Life as a modern day Victorian woman seems pretty nice. It’s a life I want to live in the future. Heather is a good role model to me and I want to be...
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