Modern Versus Contemporary Art

Topics: Modern art, Contemporary art, Postmodern art Pages: 2 (757 words) Published: April 15, 2013
Modern vs. Contemporary Art
!It is very easy to get the terms modern and contemporary confused, especially when it comes to art. The words modern and contemporary are interchangeable and synonymous by definition. !The modern world is basically synonymous with contemporary society and vice versa. While the words are similar in meaning, when applied to art they can be very different. When referring to art, the terms modern and contemporary are used to describe stylistic and practical differences. !Art historians tend to agree that modern art began sometime between the late 1800s and lasted until about the 1960s. Some believe that the modern art movement began with artists such as Van Gogh or Manet. It was then that modern artists began to practice objectivity and the deconstruction of form, such as in surrealism, abstract expressionism and cubism. The budding modern art movement consequently led artist to move away from traditional practices and emphasize a portrayal of emotion in their pieces. Modern artists seem to be concerned more with emotional purity and the historical progression of art. Movements such as surrealism, cubism, and data reflected inner or outer worlds, rather than depict life as they visually perceived it. This was due to the invention of the photograph and motion picture, since these two were better and depicting reality. So, rather than literal representations of the visual world, modern art focused on each medium representing itself. Modern artists tossed aside traditions of the past and began experimenting with new ways of seeing, with new ideas about the nature of materials and specific functions of art. Although, modern art and contemporary art share characteristics of experimentation straying from traditional methods, they are distinguishable. !Contemporary Art has been, and continues to be, defined and created during our lifetimes. Itʼs now common to come across avant-garde movements surfacing with new names every year. Since the...
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