Modern Technology

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  • Published : February 27, 2012
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Our World
Evolving, progressing, and positively impacting human daily life, with every progressing year it is evident to the public eye that technology advances by the minute. Since now a day having computer skills is a requirement, not having a computer, cellphone, or iPod is enough to say you are still living in the dinosaurs’ era. Even though some argue that technology negatively influences society, modern technology has become a necessity which can be observed in medical advances, the way we communicate, and the way we learn. Firstly, it is mandatory that we have up-to-date technology because it helps medical advances to trigger into amazing inventions. For example, the new surgical procedure called Da Vinci Surgical Robot is a surgery that is done by a robot machine that is being controlled by the surgical doctor. This modern way of surgery plays a positive role on society. In the article, “Robotic Surgery Benefits Springfield Hospital; Surgeons, Patients Embrace High-Tech Future” by Kevin Stirling, he states, “It also offers patients greatly improved clinical outcomes with both reduced pain and a quicker recovery period.” This shows that because of the way technology is evolving; medical fields are now finding ways to make procedures and healing process faster as well as efficient for humanity. With these types of amazing medical developments, we are able to save more lives, find viruses, and decrease death during operations. Secondly, current technology is a significant necessity that the world must own in order to have a way to communicate with one another. For instance, Cell phones and emailing are crucial tools that help us stay in touch with our loved ones across the globe as well as professors and bosses. Back before cell phones, land lines, or even internet, our ancestors only had two ways to communicate, through letters or face to face conversations. If there was an emergency, get a hold of anyone could last up to three days. In modern days, we...
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