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  • Published : December 18, 2012
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Have modern technologies made the world better place?
Most past of contemporary people cannot imagine their life without different devices, because they have to use it every day. Considering only our cell-phones or smartphones: we call, we send text-messages, look for necessary (or not) information in the internet, make notes, etc. We can use computer for a large amount of things, from typing a paper or sending a complaint somewhere to creating a music or attending lecture in the different part of the world. There is different electronic equipment in every room of any house; could you imagine your life without all these things?

There is no doubt, it makes life easier and more convenient and a person wastes much less time. A person can feel comfortable anywhere, having his favourite books, music, films and photos of grandchildren with him, without any heavy burden; modern human can absolutely forget about difficult calculation, leaving it to scientists – even the cheapest computer with primitive artificial intelligence do it faster (and without mistakes, in contrast with you, human).

Life became easier, didn’t it? Otherwise, in the case of global electricity breakdown, how many percent of people will be able to continue their normal being? Technologies made us lazier, we don’t remember the information – we remember where we can find it. How many shop-assistants will be able to give a correct change?

There are 2 ways of bad influence of the modern technologies on the health. Firstly, people move much less, because it’s possible to call someone without leaving the couch, cyber sport is more preferable for children and teenagers. Secondly, every mechanism, working on electricity, creates electro-magnetic field damaging our health, because that field is unnatural for human body.

It’s obvious, that the development of modern technologies is inevitable, but I’m not sure if it goes in the right way. Before it was aimed at researching of space and finding...
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