Modern Studies Dissertation

Topics: Drug addiction, Crime, Addiction Pages: 5 (1545 words) Published: February 28, 2013

Chapter 1.

Introduction – Outline the issues to be looked at in the chapter and give a reason about why it is important to look at each issue. There are many ways in which involvement with drugs can lead to breaking the law[?]. [?]From dealing drugs, taking drugs to some of the effects drugs have on people’s lifestyles and choices ends up with the law being broken. People may have to steal and use tax aviation in order to pay for drugs. They may also become violent when they are on drugs due to the mood swings and increased testosterone they have to put up with. Those who are dependent on drugs may also get mixed up with criminal gangs and the violence and dealing which goes on within those circles. The market value of the goods which are stolen and involved with drug users adds up to somewhere between 2 and 2.5 billion pounds a year[?]. This shows the scale of the crimes being committed with regards to drug use. Sub conclude – how does this help to answer the chapter aim/hypothesis? [?]

Heroin fuelled crimes committed in Edinburgh iIs costing £200 million to innocent victims. There is said to be 1,200 addicts in Scotland’s capital city, which costs £200 million annually due to their delinquent behaviour[?]. Desperate addicts are committing a growing number of crimes such as car thefts, shopliftings and break-ins due to the cheaper and purer heroin, which is infiltrating through the city being the centre of this problem[?].[?] Research studies have shown that a lot of acquisitive crime is committed by those who are dependent on crack cocaine and heroin that need money to pay for their fixthose who are dependent on crack cocaine and heroin that need money to pay for their fix commit a lot of acquisitive crime. It is suggested that between a third and over a half of all acquisitive crimes are related to illegal drug use[?].[?] Class A drug use creates around £15.4 billion in crime and health costs each year, 995 of which is caused by problematic drug use usually involving heroin and crack cocaine. In 2010 there was 12,812 seizures of heroin across Britain again highlighting the height of the drug problem within the UK. Delinquents also get caught up in criminal activities when they are under the influence of drugs or they have to turn to stealing as they can’t cannot hold down a steady job which forces them into a life of crime. This shows the scale of the crimes being committed with regards to drug use and the need to fund habits especially when drugs take over the ability to lead a ‘normal’ life. Sub conclude…

This problem however has been arguably been exaggerated by the media and others who have no’t taken into account the changing attitudes towards drugs. B and by focusing in on all the negative effects of this drug abuse, i. It is has not being taken into account that many people who are now dependant on crack cocaine and heroin had been involved in criminal activity before turning to drugs. There could have been other pushing factors into this criminal lifestyle such as social exclusion, encompassing – poverty and unemployment. This is, especially now relevant with regards to the current economic recession. It is the small minority of drug users that have to turn to crime in order to fund their habits. Most drug users fund their addictions from their job, benefits they receive, or other incomes that are coming into their household. It is this minority, who aren’t are not only committing crime and having a bad impact on society as a whole, but unfortunately there their habits also leak into the streets and labelling occurs to those who can’t cannot keep it hidden, unlike those whose drug abuse is concealed to their household. Sub conclude…

The UK as a whole has developed a “bingeing” mentality which towards drugs in a similar is the same when it comes to way towards attitudes...
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