Modern Respect Issues

Topics: Person, Morality, Education Pages: 2 (527 words) Published: February 20, 2013
Respect is a fundamental factor of life that stabilizes and controls the individuals within a society. In the event that respect is not present, a community can be hindered from being peaceable and therefore creates instability and, of course, offensiveness. Respect not only plays a part in the daily conversations among people, but also influences the outcome of a person’s actions. When a person is very courteous, that person will most likely receive generous amounts of respect back from the surrounding individuals and will also receive more attention. In contrast, when a person is ill-mannered, that person will receive less respect (or sometimes none at all) and will additionally be ignored by most people. Respect is a variable virtue of life that depends on the characteristics of each being.

More specifically, children and adolescents have part in this spectrum of respect as well. Their characterizations and amounts of courtesy determine the future structure of our society. This notion is quite significant, because if their respect is high and most of them are well educated, a bright future awaits our society. However, if they lack the good qualities of respectful people, our society may have an unstable future because the citizens within will not have the ability to communicate effectively. In today’s society, children and adolescents seem to have less respect towards people and their parents than the children and adolescents from preceding generations. Presently, it is frequently seen how at such young ages some children become quite rebellious and insolent with their parents or guardians. Some children and adolescents may go as far as getting into major verbal quarrels or actually commencing physical violence. This not only occurs at home but also at school. Some students don’t even bother to pay attention to the teachers and make spiteful remarks aloud. There are some students that, in addition to arguing with their parents, also argue with...
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