Modern Popular Culture

Topics: Culture, Popular culture, Sociology Pages: 2 (473 words) Published: May 31, 2012
Define modern popular culture :
Popular culture reflects about how people live their life. Culture is understanding the human’s behavior, that includes thought , communication, customs, beliefs, values, actions and institutions of racial, ethnic ,religious, or social group(Adams, bell and Griffin 1997,254). Music, television and movies play a major role in spreading modern culture to all human being. Modern culture helps us to compare how people live now and before. It makes us to balance our life socially and culturally. Media plays a major role in spreading modern culture.

Culture is divided in to surface and deep culture. surface culture is easily visible by looking at person’s clothing ,eating habits, language ,dance and music. For example I am born and brought up in India. I follow some of the surface culture of India, When I go for shopping , people from India and others able to recognize me as a Indian. They respect the other culture and like to talk about food, dress code, music and dance. That is a positive thing about modern culture. Sometimes, you feel isolated from others, for example, when you go to shopping wearing Indian dress. people look at me like a stranger. We do not want to be isolated by others. So we go with flow by adopting to the dress code where you live. When I immigrated from India to USA , I had a cultural shock . My concern was food , because it is completely different from what I was eating at home. The main dish is rice and curry, I never seen in any restarents serving my main dish. Then I started adopting to the life style and the food habits. once we start adopt to the life stlye, we are not stranger anymore. Modern culture makes us to know how to interact with different people and get along with them. Deep culture focus on values, beliefs, religion, marriage, child rearing and treatment of elders. Here in deep culture we follow certain things what learned from parents. For example , people in India marry once...
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