Modern Nco and Its History

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The leadership principles and what they mean to me and how I plan to apply them to myself and my Marines. I thought long and hard about not just the principles and what they mean, but how can I apply them. Some of the leadership principles sound self-explanatory, such as “Know Your Self and Seek Self Improvement”. One would think it mean to know your strength and your weaknesses, and improve upon them. In so many words this would be correct, but it’s much easier said than applied. In my opinion it takes a lot of character and understanding yourself. Meaning not being too proud to admit what you truly aren’t good at, and the strengths to be better. Sometimes being too proud can be a weaknesses. Some people experience a failure and not learn from it, which is a failure within itself. Give an honest opinion of yourself, leadership style, and the cause of your successes and failures. As Marines we all must seek self-improvement.

A trait that you can use to your strengths and another leadership principle is to “Be Technically and Tactically Proficient” and this particular principle means being exceptional at ones job. Before you can lead you must first learn and know your job. Making yourself more knowledgably and more experienced in your job-field, also knowing what your superior, peers, and subordinates expect from you. Taking the time and using the energy to become a better Marine. Staying observant your surroundings and actions of you superior weather there good or bad, because you come learn from anyone’s mistake and success stories.

This reminds us of the next leadership principle “Know Your People and Look out for Their Welfare” and as a NCOs we must make an effort in getting to know are Marines. Just like you know yourself and seek self-improvement we must know are Marines and improve them. Identify those Marines who lack self-confidence, self-discipline and give them more attention if the situation dictates it. Challenge, encourage, and motivate so...
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