Modern Managment

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Modern Management
Unit 1 Assignment
Due: September 17, 2011

Question 1
Management skills have been categorized as technical, interpersonal and conceptual. Give a short definition of each.


Technical skill is knowledge of and proficiency in activities involving methods, processes, and procedures. Thus, it involves working with tools and specific techniques.1 Human skill, also known as interpersonal skills, is the ability to work with people; it is cooperative effort; it is teamwork; it is the creation of an environment in which people feel secure and free to express their opinions.2 Conceptual skill is the ability to serve the “big picture”. It is also about recognizing significant elements in a situation, and to understand the relationships among the elements.3

Question 2
Planning, organizing, leading and controlling are referred to in your Unit Guide as the classic management functions. Define each function and provide 2 examples of each function within your organization.


Planning is the management function that involves the process of defining goals, establishing a strategy to obtain those goals as well as developing the plans to integrate and coordinate activities.4 * Presently, our organization is preparing for Hospital Accreditation 2012. It is the responsibility of the Director of Quality improvement to plan out the best way to for the corporation to audit the check list provided. * The team leader assigned to Laboratory portion of the Hospital Accreditation, requested the best person she thought would make a worthy co-lead and together brainstormed how best to populate the team to best encompass all departments and corporate sites. Organization is the management function that involves the process of determining what, who, how and where the tasks are assigned. What are the tasks to be completed and by whom. How will the tasks be grouped, who is to report to whom, and where will the decisions be made.5 * The Director of Quality Improvement has organized a high level committee called QPIC. This committee sent out requests to the Directors and Managers of all the patient care units and support services requesting volunteers to be team leads and/or co team leaders of their specific departments. This group of people would report to the QPIC team. * As the team leader for my department, it was my responsibility to organize a team made up of staff from the separate laboratory department and sites. This group would report to me as the team leader or the co-team leader. Any unanswered questions that arise from this group would be forwarded to the QPIC committee by the Laboratory Group team leader for assistance. Leading is the management function that involves motivating staff members, directing the work of individuals or teams, selecting the most effective communication style, and resolving employee behaviour issues.6 * The QPIC team called a meeting of all the Team Leaders and provided this group with the proper information, resources and foundation required to plan, organize and lead a group for the specified areas. * The Laboratory Group Team Leader called a meeting of those who volunteered and provided this group with the list of requirements provided by the QPIC committee. All reference material was discussed and provided. Meetings were set up in advance to clearly indicate timelines. Controlling is the management function that involves monitoring actual performance of employees, technology and systems, comparing performance with previously set goals and standards, and to take corrective action when the individuals or units does not match the previously set goals or standards.7 * A member of the QPIC team has been assigned as a contact person to the Team Leader. The QPIC member acts as a resource person and attends the meetings to observe the progress and provide assistance when needed. * The meetings provide the opportunity for the team to discuss what they have...
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