Modern Lifestyle Cause Overweight

Topics: Nutrition, Pizza Hut, KFC Pages: 1 (437 words) Published: March 12, 2013
Nowadays many Malaysians are becoming overweight and unhealthy because of the modern lifestyle they lead. It is true that modern lifestyle has drastically change the way we live mostly in technology but it also affected our fitness and healthy. I am strongly agreed that many Malaysians are becoming overweight and unhealthy because of the modern lifestyle according to the fast food we eat, the vehicles that we drive to work and university and also the way we spend our time. A fast paced modern lifestyle has brought about the increase of consumption of fast food. The busyness lifestyle made many Malaysians choose to eat fast food because it is quicker than a cooking meal. We can see that many franchise restaurant opened everywhere such as McDonald, Pizza hut, KFC and others. These fast food restaurants also provide delivery service which made many Malaysians order their food and wait for the food about 30 minutes only. Unluckily, this fast food will cause obesity according to a fatty food found in fast food. Besides, many Malaysians also have their own transport include students. They prefer to drive their own vehicles or take a public transport rather than walks. This situation is different in another Asian country such as Japan, Korea and China. Although their country have a better technologies than in Malaysia but most of them prefer to walk than taking a public transport. Walking is not only a good way of maintaining fitness but also a good recreational and socializing activity. The modern lifestyle also change the way we spend our free time. Look at the children todays. How often do we found children going out and playing in the fields or taking a swim in nearby lake? Instead, we will found them glued in front of television, plays online game or pressing the keys of PlayStation controller. It is not the children fault as their parents buying them modern game and their parents not allowed them to play outside as they worried of their children safety as the...
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