Modern Jewish History Readings

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Modern Jewish History Readings
“ A Girl wasn’t much”
-Eastern European women had paradoxical roles. Homemaker but responsible for economics of the family -Women’s work was considered to be important, but as a sex they are inferior -Allowed them to work outside of the home, but their massive amount of responsibilities limited them from pursuing higher education -Breadwinners partners in the family, second class citizens in the larger society -Not foreign to workplace when came to America

-Working for jewish woman was a religious obligation as well -Lived in semiautonomous jewish communities- had own law
-Religious study was the greatest thing a man could do
-Women status depend on their husbands status
-It was a great honor to serve as a rabbi or learned mans wife. She might even become his footstool in heaven -Confined to domestic and economic- could not partake in religious posts and so had no place of authority outside the home -They recognized a woman’s sexual power- ability to corrupt a man -Live in separate societies call pale settlements

-Were not allowed to work the land- any jew
-Daughters worked in the shop
-If owned a business They worked for themselves, found pride and security in this- honorable too. Business was also associated with intellect- most desirable job -Domestic service was one of the lowest occupations- esp if worked with food or leather -This notion on domestic and service work was considered different in w. Europe, more respected- prepared for future martial duties -Prostitutes the lowest- brothels even in villages

Mother and Daughters, Remaking the Jewish Economy in America -Molly and rose- E. European immigrants coming to America
-Many young girls came to America, some even payed their own way. Many lied and said they were over sixteen to be admitted. -Afraid of being kidnapped into prostitution rings- which did exist- white slavery -Even immigrant officers were weary of their safety

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