Modern Family Meets the Sociological Schools of Thought

Topics: Family, Sociology, Marriage Pages: 3 (896 words) Published: October 3, 2010
Modern Family takes a sarcastic and ironic look at the trials that three families face in their day to day lives. Each family strives to win the battles set forth by life in their own unique ways, some more comedic than others. Family one consists of Claire, the wife, Phil, the husband, and Luke, their son. Family two consists of Cameron, his life partner Mitchell, and their adopted daughter, Lilly. Lastly, in family three, Jay is the father, Gloria is his wife, and Mannie is Gloria’s son. The Internet Movie Database gives a short synopsis of this episode: Jay has problems trying to bond with Mannie, but takes advantage of Mannie's father not showing up in an effort to make peace with him, even though Gloria believes there's real peace in the household. Phil goes behind Claire's back and gets a bike for Luke, then really ends up lying about it when the bike gets stolen. Mitchell and Cameron begin daycare classes with Lilly.

Symbolic Interactionism, the Systems Theory, and the Exchange Theory are proven to be part of family life, exemplified by these three families. Symbolic Interactionism [Sim-ball-ick In-ter-act-shun-is-um] People act based on symbolic meanings they find within situations. The human brain interprets what we observe and then translates it into actions along with a personal meaning. Primarily, Phil finds what he thinks is Luke’s bike outside of a store and interprets this as his son being irresponsible yet again. Phil acts on his hunch by stealing this bike hoping to teach his son a lesson. Next, as Phil is riding the stolen bike home, Desiree (neighbour) stops him for a favour. While Phil is in her room the bike is stolen from him and soon after, while he is at home with his wife, Desiree returns it to him stating “My neighbours found it and put it in my garage while you were in my room.” Hearing this upsets Claire because she automatically assumes that her husband was doing something ‘wrong’ with Desiree. Claire acts on this by giving her...
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