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  • Published : April 25, 2012
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Sitcom Analysis Journal: Modern Family
My group chose to analyze third season of the ABC sitcom “Modern Family”, episodes 60, 65 and 66 to evaluate. “Modern Family” is about a family and group of friends that depicts how communications technology has shaped the way people perceive others, even family members. In the episodes that we have chosen there are ten main characters. Main Character Profiles

Gloria is Jay’s wife and Manny’s mother. She is seen as a very loving wife and mother despite the age difference between her and Jay. Others tend to view her as a gold digger considering that Jay is her main source of income. Manny

Manny is Gloria’s 13 year old son from her first marriage. He is very outgoing and not the least bit self-conscious. He is also very mature and intuitive for his age and is often shown doing adult like things such as having conversations about marriage and kids and drinking coffee. Jay

Jay is the father of Claire and Mitchell, husband of Gloria, grandfather of Lily, Like, Alex, and Haley, and the stepfather of Manny. He is an owner of a construction firm and is wealthy. Cameron Tucker

Cameron, also referred to as Cam, is Mitchell’s partner of five years, and one of Lily’s fathers, who has a very big and dramatic personality. His outgoing personality contrasts to Mitchell’s uptight manner, which causes them to have opposing character traits. Mitchell Pritchett

Mitchell is Jay’s son, Claire’s younger brother, Luke, Alex and Haley’s uncle, one of Lily’s fathers and partner of five years to Cameron. He is a low key and mild manner person. Claire Dunphy
Claire is the daughter of Jay, Mitchell’s older sister, and the overprotective mother of the Dunphy family and their three very different children. Phil Dunphy
Phil is Claire’s husband of 18 years who views himself as the “cool dad.” He constantly tries to find ways to bond with his three kids and is seen as being juvenile attitude and is often referred to by Claire as “the kid” she is married to. Haley Dunphy

Haley is the daughter of Claire and Phil who is portrayed as a stereotypical teenager. Haley is depicted as being a bit of a bimbo, who focuses more on social status than her studies. Alex Dunphy

Alex is the daughter of Claire and Phil who is also the most clever and intellectual of their three children. She is the middle of the three children and enjoys messing with both her older sister and younger brother equally who are not quite as intelligent as she is and are easy to fool. Luke Dunphy

Luke is the youngest son of Phil and Claire. He is rambunctious and is often doing his own thing. He can be a trouble maker but he is very innocent and does not always understand the repercussions of his actions. Episodes:

Episode 60 - Send out the Clowns
In this episode Cameron’s clown mentor dies and he must attend his funeral where he meets up with his former clown partner Lewis. The two were huge hits with kid’s parties until Cameron disbanded the team. Lewis is still unhappy with Cameron for disbanding the team. When Phil scores the biggest listing of his life things get heated between him and Mitzi Roth who tries to steal clients from good natured realtors. In an effort to expose Mitzi for what she truly is, Phil borrows Luke’s spy pen and records a conversation of Mitzi confessing to all of her dirty underhanded ways after which she gives him a friendly hug where she tries to swipe the pen from him. Later, Luke runs into Mitzi at the supermarket where he tells her how worried his dad is about money. All part of a purely genius plan to play on her deeply buried sensitive side to get her to give Phil the dream listing back. Griffin who is one of the cool kids in school comes over to hang with Manny. Griffin is only interested in Gloria and has a little crush on her. He invites everyone over to his place for a pool party. Manny discovers this when he overhears Jay and Gloria chatting, but it’s okay because Manny is...
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