Modern Distribution Channel

Topics: Retailing, Supermarket, Distribution Pages: 3 (998 words) Published: November 21, 2012
 WHAT IS DISTRIBUTION CHANNEL ? According to Kotler (1991: 279) distribution channel is a group company or individual who has ownership of the products or rights of ownership to help move the product or service when it is moved from producer to consumer. According to David revzan.. pathway used by the flow of goods from producers to intermediate goods and eventually into the hands of end users Manajemen distribusi berbasis teori dan praktek “david sukardi kodrat”  3. factor of distribution channels Producer Product intermediaries (warehouse transportation, distributor, retail) Management sytem Manajemen pemasaran kotler  4. Function of Distribution Channel Acording to Philip Kotler (1997 : 531-532), in a distribution channel, distribution channel members perform multiple functions Information Promotion Ordering Payment Title. Physical Possesion, Financing Risk Taking Kotler (1997 : 531-532) Manajemen pemasaran kotler  5. Modern distribution channels, is a new wayModern distribution channel to distribute goods through retail stores are modern and comfortable. provide addedproviding service and good quality goods to consumers,, value in shopping for consumers,, & manajemen pemasaran kotler  retail6. retail management business is covering all activities in direct sales to consumer end, for personal needs , not business..Acording, kotler (2001;56) Manajemen pemasaran kotler  7. Retail retail store isstore companies whose Minimarket Supermarket primary function sells Hypermarket products to consumers Convenince store end for personal use grosir Manajemen pemasaran kotler & manajemen distribusi teori dan prakterk “david sukardi kodrat”  daily needs implement self-service system small-sized (100m2 s / d 999m2) a modern grocery store8. Minimarket  medium-sized (1.000m2 s / d 4.999m2) Have parking area full and varied products9. supermarket  Have parking area Full facilities Have...
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