Modern Day Sex Slavery

Topics: Slavery, Human trafficking, Sexual slavery Pages: 2 (764 words) Published: July 31, 2011
Modern day Sex Slavery: It’s a CRIME!
Have you ever heard of human trafficking or how about sex slavery? Well here is a fact that will enlighten your mind: Human trafficking is not only slavery but also another form of forced sex and prostitution. Women are “sold” as property to men and are forced to have sex and the profits are collected by the slave owners. It is known as the second fastest growing committed felony in the Universe.

Slavery began before time could tell. As early as the 1500s, slavery was taking place but had a different definition. In those day, slavery meant that a person was owned by law by another person known as the “owner”. The slave was required to follow his or her owner’s orders. Although slavery has been banned from every country, modern day slavery still exists in the form of human trafficking. This crime starts when women or children are smuggled across the borderlines of foreign countries and are brought into the United States where they are sold as sex slaves. Once the victims cross the border of another country, the “buyers” take the victim’s personal information, such as passport and identification from the victims. This makes it harder for the victims to try and escape.

Today, slavery has a whole new meaning. Slavery today finds women, children or teenagers being promised a better life and a reasonable job in another country. But once they arrive they suddenly realize that they are not going to get the job they were promised, but instead they are left in a really bad situation in which they become victims of human trafficking or sex slavery. The victims are told that they will do what they are demanded to do or face severe consequences. Consequences that may include beatings and even rape.

They are forced to have sex with clients to make money. The victims have no other choice but to cooperate. Many people in our society may not realize the horrific crime being committed when women and teenage boys and girls are...
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