Modern Day Heroes Are Drawn from the World of Entertainment and Sport. What Are Your Views?

Topics: Oprah Winfrey, The Oprah Winfrey Show, Hero Pages: 3 (787 words) Published: August 10, 2010
When we come across the word 'hero', we often think about people who influence others, as well as individuals whose efforts change situations. Ancient heroes are people of semi-divine origins such as beings from Greek mythology such as Hercules and Perseus.

However, modern day heroes are still human beings. They tend not to be fictional and instead, are derived from the world of popular culture, such as sports and entertainment. I feel that the attention and money devoted to the sponsorship of these sportsmen and celebrities suggest that they are very influential figures in today's society. This means that they are usually idolized by others and play a powerful role in shaping morals and values of society. However, there are pros and cons of idolizing such people. Hence, we should always choose the celebrities we idolize.

Some consider society's new choice of heroes unhealthy ones. After all, many of these ''modern heroes'' do not seem suitable role models for the young. Some unsuitable role models many tend to look up to is singing sensation KE$HA. Her music video for her smash hit Tik Tok, seemed to encourage rebelliousness, as well as alcoholism. This video also glorifies a decadent lifestyle, which makes it a source of influence to many teenage viewers. This song also drew a lot of criticism when this video featured several 12-year-old girls carrying beer bottles in front of the camera. Hence, these ‘modern heroes deem to be undesirable role models for the pre-adolescents. Other unsuitable personalities include Lindsay Lohan, who led a party-girl lifestyle, abused drugs and was admitted to rehabilitation facilities several times. She also suffered from bulimia, resulting in a rapid loss of weight. Lindsay Lohan is also not a good role model for pre-pubescent girls as her party-girl lifestyle might influence teenagers to neglect their studies, and instead spend their time partying. Both KE$HA and Lindsay Lohan promote very unhealthy lifestyles and also...
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