Modern Day Hero

Topics: Sacrifice, English-language films, Life Pages: 2 (519 words) Published: December 20, 2011
The main topics of discussion in realizing a true modern day are principles ,moral and spiritual ethics that any individual lives their life on . So a real hero is one who sacrifices his whole livelihood towards the safety and protection of the helpless and the needy .The cause of any hero must be one that is noble and above all else, The real idea here is to “Never Give Up” and stay true to your vocation that people believe to be their calling.The song “Never Let Go “ by Brian Adams can be applied to the movie “The Guardian” , Jesus and myself on the basis of many aspects such as the three “H’s”( i.e humility , handy , honour).

The line in the song “ Could you hold your head high, when no- one knows your name ? That’s how legends are made , at least that’s what they say” can be related to the quality of one’s humility that is striking to all people who live among us . There is no greater joy than personal satisfaction that pleases a True hero above all else like in the movie “THE GUARDIAN” . This was how Jesus also lived his life on Earth , as he always thanked his “Father In Heaven” for any miracle that he was able to perform .This can be also applicable to me as I too should always remember to be humble and show gratitude to GOD for my victories . The real meaning here is that people here should learn to consider themselves as equals to their neighbors as we all have been created by one GOD and only to one GOD do we return after we have fulfilled our stay here on Earth.

Another such chorus that touches the core values that must exist in society is “ Will never look back, never look down and never let go” . The real meaning here is to stand right in front the face of danger and overcome fear itself without a blink of an eye . Such bravery should come of utmost importance when your neighbour is in desperate need of a helping hand . It is better to use your talents for good in way that reflects upon good character and morale like in the...
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