Modern Day Egypt

Topics: Egypt, Nile, Egyptians Pages: 3 (956 words) Published: November 17, 2011
Carissa Ciarlone
October 1, 2011
World History
Period 7
Modern Day Egypt
Over time Egypt has had many changes including political, intellectual, religious, art, technological, economic, and social. Today, in modern day Egypt, life is very different than it would have been many years ago. In this paper I will discuss the differences of Modern Day Egypt compared to Ancient Egypt, and life in the United States in the current era. These include all the themes of PIRATES.

Modern day Egypt's politics is a republic currently under military rule of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces after the President of Egypt Hosni Mubarak resigned after the large sums of protest. Legislative power is now in both the government and the People's Assembly. In the five situation 1971 delegates in the majority power to the president, who dominates both chambers. The president is defined with virtually unrestricted power to appoint and dismiss officials including vice president and vice presidents, prime ministers and members of the Council of Ministers, military officers, and, as the twenty-six and this administrative subdivisions know as governorates. But as it stands now there is no present president in Egypt.

Modern day Egypt's religions aspects consists of mostly Muslim (mostly Sunni) and some Coptic Christian and others. Islam is practice by many Egyptians and governs their personal, political, economic, and legal lifestyles. Islam came from what is today Saudi Arabia the prophet Mohammed is seen as the God. He was distinguished with bringing a message for the whole mankind rather than just certain people. Among certain obligations for Muslims are to pray five times a day- at sunrise, at noon, in the afternoon, at sunset, and in the evening. Friday is the Muslim holy – and everything is closed. Many companies are close on Thursdays making the weekend Thursdays and Fridays. During the holy month of Ramadan all Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset and the only work...
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