Modern Dance Reaction Paper

Topics: Dance, Stretching, Physical exercise Pages: 2 (765 words) Published: October 2, 2012
Looking Back
Words cannot describe how tremendous this class was. From all the laughs and smiles to the hard work and sweat that poured down my face, I had a wonderful time throughout the entire course. Before our first day of class, I felt confident that I would do well. I thought that because I had dance and performing experience in front of large crowds I had an advantage. Surely, I was wrong. The first day of class was very intimidating. I felt as if the workouts were too hard and that I would not be able to make it through the course successfully. My past dance experience had little to no help. Flexibility was a major issue for me. I could not do some of the warm up exercises as well as some of the other students. The flat-back exercises were very difficult. I tried not to make excuses saying that my scoliosis was making the pain worse. I wanted to push through it. As time went by, the class and the workouts became easier. It became easier for me to hold my balance, and keep my proper alignments and posture. Flat-backs became easier to do. Clearly, pushing through the pain instead of complaining about it was a good thing because I was easily molded into the choreographer and modern dancer that I am today.

I have seen myself grow so much in this course. On the first day of class it was hard for me to sit Indian style, but now I can. The first day we did the flat-back exercise was hell, but I persevered and got better. I have expanded out of my comfort zone in my choreography. I’ve also learned why I love to dance. The musicality and emotion that I am able to execute through my body is extraordinary. Things that I am not able to say can be expressed this way. I wish I had more training previous to the course because it would have been a lot easier to do the warm-up and technique section of the class. I also wish that I would have taken the readings in the books more seriously. Though I did read the books, it was not the way Jodi...
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