Modern Curatorial Practice

Topics: Postmodern art, Contemporary art, Art Pages: 2 (696 words) Published: October 1, 2010
The Modern Role of Curatorial Practice.

The role of a curator has become of crucial importance to the contemporary art scene, but what exactly is this role? The word curator means to take ’care of’ in Latin and as Gioni quite adequately describes it, in his interview for Ice Cream: Contemporary Art in Culture, curators ‘are literally supposed to ‘take care of’ art works and artists; that is the simplest and yet most difficult achievement for anyone dealing with art.’ This definition of a curator is yet crude but the most brilliant. The general definition of a curator is a person with specialist knowledge of an art form or movement who manages a range of collections which can include objects of artistic, historic, and general interest. Permanent curators are based within one institution of which the institution can invite guest or freelance curators to consult or assist with the management of temporary exhibiting spaces. For our purpose this is not substantial enough understanding of this advancing practice. Ice Cream poses some of the burning questions to what they consider the 10 key curators of the contemporary art world, Massimillano Gioni (The Wrong Gallery, London), Sergio Edelsztein (Centre for Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv), Jens Hoffmann (Director of the CCA, Wattis Institute), Lisette Lagnado (Documenta 12, 2007), Midori Matsui (The door into the summer: The age of the micropop, 2007), Shamim M Momin (Whitney Museum, Altria New York), Pi Li (Loft New Media Art Space, Beijing), Gloria Sutton (Founding member of, Olesya Turkina (The chain of flowers, museum of jurassic technology, Los Angeles), Phillippe Vergne (Walker Art Centre, Minneapolis). ‘How important are curators in the development of contemporary art? How have curators established relationships between artists? and how have these relationships informed curatorial practice and the direction of contemporary art?’This perfectly depicts 3 of the issues that are going to be dealt...
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