Modern Britain Essay

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Course Tutor: Dr Nathan Johnstone (Email: Wednesday 2-3 pm, Seminars: 3-4 pm,Summary: 4-5 pm

Learning and teaching

The course will be delivered through a combination of lectures, seminars and summary workshops.

Lectures are key to the learning process. However, lectures should be the starting point of your studies, and not the end. Lectures can in no way be considered as a substitute for independent study and reading.


The idea of seminars is to allow the student to take a more active role in the process of learning. In seminars, students can clarify and explore some of the issues that they have identified both in the lectures, and in their independent reading. In short, seminars should be considered as a forum for discussion.


The course is assessed through a combination of coursework, essay and examination as follows: • Four pieces of course work, worth 10% each (500-700 words) • One essay 35% (2000 words)
• One exam 25% (2 hours)

Course work:

1 assignment on your expectations of Britain (completed before you arrive)

3 assignments on your fieldtrips
Assignments will be given to you in the session before your field trip.

|Essay Questions: | | | |Select ONE of the following and write AT LEAST 2000 words. | | | |1. Make a case either for or against the retention of the monarchy in Britain. | | | |2. ‘Prime Ministerial power is extensive, but not fixed: it depends upon the personality and style of the incumbent, and the | |strength of the Cabinet he or she faces’. Discuss. | | | |3. Would you say the current Labour party is a party of the left? | | | |4. Would you say that the conflict in Northern Ireland is a dispute over national identity, religion or economics? | | | |5. Analyse the evidence for the existence of a ‘Special Relationship’ between Britain and the USA. | | | |Submission date: 22 November | | |

Submission of coursework and essays:

All coursework and essays should be submitted to the tutor in class on the date given.

If you do not attend a fieldtrip you will NOT be allowed to submit the relevant assignment and will therefore receive no marks.

Submission dates for coursework and essays will NOT be changed to accommodate travel or other activities. It is therefore up to you...
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