Modern Architect: Tadao Ando

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  • Published : August 21, 2012
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On a hill overlooking a large lake, this museum is a cultural facility for the artistic education of children. It is made up of three units – the main museum, an intermediate plaza and a workshop complex- all linked by a long pathway slice through the hillside. The main unit is a multi-functional complex containing a library, indoor and outdoor theatres, exhibition gallery, multi-purpose hall and restaurant. It is composed of two staggered volumes, one of which connects with a fan-shaped building housing the theatres. The outdoor theatre is on the roof and benefits from the verdant setting. A series of pools built around the centre serve to unify the architecture with the scenery of the lake. The intermediate plaza is a walled external space, containing a grid of sixteen 9 meter high columns. The workshop complex consists of a two-story workshop building, square in plan, and set with a plaza/

Location Himeji
Site area 87222m sq
Building area 3575.6 m sq
Total floor area 7488.4m sq

The building is planned on a site held between a green hill and a beautiful pond. The building is a cultural/educational center for cultivating creativity and sentiments of children. It is a geometric cube inserted in an organic topology by abundant verdure. I tried to present the building in contrast against the overwhelming Nature by giving the geometry a form. The whole structure comprises a main building, an intermediate open space and a workshop. They are linked by linear paths. The wall which runs along the pond cuts through the slop of the hill and is incorporated in the architecture, expressing by itself a strong will almost like an earth work. The wall is recognized as an element of a space to create a space open to the surrounding areas. This suggests invisible roofs and walls to the visitors. Buildings are linked to each other via a small plaza so that Nature may penetrate in to the depth of the buildings to communicate people with Nature at all places. The main...
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