Modern Approach to Browser Based Data Visualization Project Proposal and Introduction

Topics: World Wide Web, Data mining Pages: 3 (676 words) Published: December 29, 2012
Supervisor name: Kalaiarasi Sonai Muthu

Co-supervisor name: Goh Yi Zheng

Date: 5 Nov 2012



Visualization purpose is the communication of data where data must come from something that is abstract or at least not immediately visible which also involves photography and image processing. This project refers to the visual presentation of data information that is extracted from schematic form which includes attributes or variables for the unit of information and where the data presentation is implementated using a web browser.


← To use combination of both image and charts to present data in the most interactive and easy to understand using HTML 5 canvas, PHP and MySQL skill to implement.

← To use and master hands on skill in designing, implementing, and evaluating a new visualization method, algorithm or tool using both traditional and modern approach.

← To show patterns or trends with graphics instead of mountains of text, or to try to explain complex issues to a nontechnical audience.

← To demonstrate that data visualization as a powerful way to simplify complexity.

Problem Statement:

Finding proper tools and techniques to construct a good web browser based data visualization.

Synchronizing the web browser by using web programming language along with image processing in order to successfully present data.

Using the data mining method to discover patterns in large data sets while associating with visual based data representation.



Based on Wikipedia, data are values of qualitative or quantifiable variables, belonging to a set of item whereas; visualization is any technique for creating images, diagrams or animation to communicate a message. Since the project is...
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