Models of Organized Crime Executive Summary

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  • Published: July 24, 2009
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Within the criminal justice field there are two different types of organizations and those organizations are called bureaucratic and patron-client organizations. Now, throughout this paper the team is going to discuss the many different reasons as to why and how the bureaucratic and patron-client organizations are different. With that being said, some of the basic differences are basically the fact that the patron-client organizations are basically referred to as the organizations that choose to break the law and on the other hand, the bureaucratic organizations are the ones that are there to enforce it. Even though there are many differences between these two organizations there are also some things that they have in common. This paper will identify so many more ways that make these two unique types of organizations different.

The Patron-Client ModelThe difference between patron-client model and bureaucratic model is that patron -client organizations are operated by an individual who is considered as the "boss." The organization is structured as a family who has a tight bond and demonstrates trust and loyalty to each other. According to Collins 1975, "patrimonial elites are more ceremonious and personalistic" (Abadinsky, 2007). The role of the patron (boss) is to "provide economic aid and protection for the client, in return the client shows appreciation by performing necessary duties that are order by the patron. The patron controls the resources of the business and sets up all contact meetings for the client. Within the patron-client model the patron has the power to generate income by networking with other clients who are involved in criminal activities such as, drug trafficking, fraudulent activities and money laundering. A particular geographic area or industry is dominated by the patron and his organization. He also has a network of informants and connections, with the police and other officials and with those who are involved in specialized criminal...
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