Models and Theories of Change Review

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  • Published: July 11, 2007
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Master's Project in Change Management
Models and Theories of Change Review
By: Carl V. Gibson
Organizational Leadership and Change Management LDR/515
Mentor: Mr. Bruce W. Webb
University of Phoenix
Date: May 21, 2007

In the process of using models and theories of change review I have identify five different models or theories of change. Discuss the validity and utility of these models. Therefore in the development of my project I have come up with three models and two theories which will help me develop my project. The American Airlines project will use them because they are most valid to the development of the project and fit in. The process consultation model lets the client's involvement can help to break down potential resistance and resentment to proposed solutions that may occur if the consultant worked independently. It can also help the client to learn problem solving processes for future use. So with the doctor patient model, the client knows that something is wrong but is not sure what it is or how to fix it. Therefore, the consultant is brought in both to make a diagnosis and to provide a prescription for a solution to the problem once it is identified. As with the purchase-of-expertise model, the doctor patient model has several key assumptions that need to be met for it to be effective. The project will need the models for the areas of market strategy, consultation, and problem solving with decision making. They are as follows: •Purchase of expertise model: In the "purchase of expertise model," a leader or group identifies a need for information or expertise that the organization cannot supply. The leader hires a consultant to obtain the information and make a report, often including recommendations for action. Examples would be surveying consumers or employees about some matter, finding out how best to organize the company after a merger, or developing a marketing strategy for a new product. This is a typical consulting approach...
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