Modelling Key Language Features of an Exposition

Topics: Word, Subject, Verb Pages: 2 (545 words) Published: May 11, 2011
Modelling Key language features of an exposition
Purpose: to identify language features of an exposition
Teacher introduce the various language features of an exposition to the class. Thinking (sensing) Verbs
Teacher write the following sentence on the board
“Kim ……………………… very well”
Ask students if the sentence make sence. Ask them what word they might include in the sentence so that it makes sence e.g is, feels, plays the piano •Explain that these words tell us what is going on in the sentence and are called verbs. A sentence have to have a verb. •Teacher explain that there are different kinds of verbs. For example Kim is very well(rational or being/ Having verb)

Kim plays very well(Action verb)
Kim feels very well(feeling/ thinking verb)
Teacher hands out text () and tells student to highlight all the verbs they can pick see in the text. Then on worksheet () Teacher tells students to fill it out. To name the verb and then to classify them as being rational, action or feeling verb Text Connectives

To introduce and link argument
Teacher explain that text connective is words used to link two points together. •Teacher hands out worksheet () which shows a table of text connectives. Some of the text connectives are missing. Students are required to fill it in.

Text A
Speeding is a slippery slope when it comes to debating, for where does one cross the line? For the sakes of argument and discussion, I am not talking about high-range (to our laws) speeding (anything 130km and above). I also realise that cars are operated by people, people are fallible. One of the unfortunate things about driving, is that some people will die – and people also died/injured themselves whilst riding horses 200 years ago when they fell off, but did they make horses with safety nets around them? Did the local rangers tell the horse riders to slow down to a respectable gallop to prevent falling from the horse? Crappy analogy I know, but it works. Some of the...
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