Modeling the Resiliency of Surface Freight Transportation Systems: a Simulation Approach with Application to Ontario

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  • Published : March 4, 2013
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The article is about modeling the resilience of surface freight transportation systems. Healthy freight movement between different areas is significant for trade development and economic production. The authors examine how to make sure that a transportation system can still work properly after criticism and major revision. The authors want to give the audience some general ideas about the modeling of the resilience of freight transportation systems, and provide an example of its application in Ontario, Canada. The authors divide the article into four sections to achieve their objectives. The first section is the introduction, which states some general background knowledge and ideas about the resilience of the transportation systems. The second section is a literature review and analysis of the current infrastructure and distribution of the network. The third section examines methods used to assess redundancy and critically of the Ontario road network. The fourth section presents a discussion about the results from the previous analysis. Then the authors provide a conclusion to the research and some suggestions and directions to advance research on this topic. The authors find that the southern and northern regions of Ontario have different conditions of redundancy. This will have a major impact on travel and resiliency of the road network. Strengths and Weaknesses

The article is easy to follow because it uses heading. For example, there are four major sections discussing the topic and a conclusion to summarize the outcome and give some final opinions about the topic. Second, the authors use graphs and tables to support their points. This helps the audience to understand the author’s ideas. Third, the authors provide a strong conclusion that states the outcome of the research and also gives some directions for the future research on this specific topic. The authors address a tangible problem in current society and provide a useful discussion...
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