Modeling Product Line Variants

Topics: Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University, B. R. Ambedkar, Fuzzy logic Pages: 9 (1382 words) Published: March 24, 2013
CNC &CSEE - 2013 Complete Program Schedule
Registration-8.00AM— 8.30AM
Hall I
Session 1
Time: 8.30AM – 11.15 AM
Chair 1: Dr.Janahanlal Stephen ( Ilahia
Chair 2: Dr. Yogesh Chaba ( Guru
College of Engg & Tech, India)
Jambheshwar University of Sc. & Tech. India)
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CNC2013­ 27 F On­line Power System Static Security  Sunitha R
Assessment in a Distributed Computing Frame 
CNC2013­ 30 F Multiple Automatic Design Vector Generation for  Selva Kumar R  Efficient Systolic Architecture using NIC
CNC2013­ 32 F A Rough Set Based Feature Selection Algorithm  S  Muthurajkumar for Effective Intrusion Detection in Cloud Model
CNC2013­39 F Sub­feature Selection with Privacy in 
Hemanta Kumar 
Decentralized Network based on Fuzzy 
CNC2013- 54 F Active Inductor based Tunable VCO for UMTS,   J.Manjula
CDMA 2000, EDGE, Flash OFDM and 802.15.4 
CNC2013­ 56 F An Efficient Design Approach for Low Leakage &  Shweta Singh  High Performance MTCMOS Circuit; with NBTI 
Aware Analysis 
CNC2013­ 61 F A Novel Fingerprint Indexing Technique based  N  Poonguzhali 
on Level­1 and Level­ 2 Features
CNC2013­ 68 F A Review on Security in Vehicular Network Bhagyashree 
Gadekar (Dharaskar)
CNC2013­ 72 F Personal Authentication based on Angular  K.Usha
Geometric Analysis using Finger Back Knuckle 
CNC2013­ 76 F A New Trust Management Mechanism for  A Sudhir Babu
Improving the Performance of DSR Protocol 
CNC2013- 85 F Framework of an Automata Capable of Modeling
Reversibility along-with Concurrency and
Probabilistic Environment
CNC2013-534 F Computational Solution of First Order Linear
Elayaraja Aruchunan
Fredholm Integro-Differential Equations by QuarterSweep Successive Over Relaxation Method Tea Break 11.15AM – 11.30 AM
Official Inauguration -11.30AM—12.00 PM
Key Note-12.00 PM—12.45 PM
Photo Session-12.45 PM — 1.00 PM
Lunch Break- 1.00 PM—2.00 PM

Hall I
Chair 1: Dr.Janahanlal Stephen
( Ilahia College of Engg & Tech, India)

Session 2
Time: 2.00 PM – 4.00 PM
Chair 2: Dr. Deshmukh Ratnadeep
(Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada
University, India )
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CNC2013-535 F Efficient computer aided system based on  B.Sridhar
mathematical morphology and higher order 
partial differential equations for breast cancer 
CNC2013­544 F Fuzzy Based Node Disjoint QoS Routing in  Vijayashree Budyal
MANETs by Using Agents 
CNC2013-546 F Trust Assessment Policy Manager in Cloud
Ajay Basil Varghese
CNC2013-556 F An Analysis of Linear and Non­linear Controller  A.Rameshkumar on Quasi­Resonant Buck Converter
CNC2013-558 F Prefiltering Approach to the Non-Blind Beamforming Swapnil M. Hirikude Algorithm for Smart Antenna
CNC2013­ 34 S A Gaussian Plume­based Population Exposure  Manish Verma 
Approach to Railroad Transportation of 
Hazardous Materials 
CNC2013­ 44 S Artificial Neural Network Based Learning in  Mithra Venkatesan
Cognitive Radio 
CNC2013­ 50 S Speech Recognition using Hidden Markov Model Varsha N Degaonkar CNC2013­525 S Optimization of Inter­satellite Link (ISL) in  Amandeep Kaur 
Hybrid OFDM­IsOWC Transmission System
Tea Break 4.00 PM – 4.15 PM
Hall I
Session 3
Time: 4.15 PM – 5.45 PM
Chair 1: Dr. Yogesh Chaba ( Guru
Chair 2: Dr. Deshmukh Ratnadeep
Jambheshwar University of Sc. & Tech.
(Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada
University, India )
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CSEE2013- 10 F
Classification of Devnagari Handwritten Characters
Dinesh V. Rojatkar
using Single Hidden Layer Neural Network with
Mixed Activation Function
CSEE2013- 15 F
Fuzzy Logic Controller with Maximum Power Point Arulmurugan R Tracking Using Creative Design of DC to DC Buck
Converter for Photovoltaic Power System
CSEE2013-519 F Power Gating Approach for Design of 45nm Low  Chhavi Saxena...
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