Modeling and Simulation

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  • Published : March 13, 2013
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Modeling and Simulation
A Simulation is the imitation of the operation of a real-world process or system over time. It involves the generation of an artificial history of a system and observation of the artificial history to draw inferences concerning the operating characteristics of the real system. Simulation can be used both as an analysis tool for predicting the effect of changes to existing systems and as a design tool to predict performance of new systems under varying sets of circumstances Advantages of Simulation:

1- Choose correctly.
2- Time compression and expansion
3- Explore possibilities.
4- Diagnose problems.
5- Identify constraints.
6- Develop understanding.
7- Visualize the plan.
8- Prepare for change.
9- Wise investments.
10- Specify requirements.
Disadvantages of simulation:
1. Model building requires special training. It is an art that is learned over time and through experience. 2. Simulation results can be difficult to interpret.
3. Simulation modeling and analysis can be time consuming and expensive.

When Simulation is the appropriate Tool?
1. When you want to study the internal interactions of a complex system. 2. If you want to observe the effect of the informational, organizational and environmental changes on the model’s behavior. 3. The knowledge gained during the designing of a simulation model could be a great value toward suggesting improvement in the system under investigation. 4. Discover the important variables in the system, and discover how they interact. 5. Simulation can be used to verify analytical Solutions. 6. Animation shows a system in simulated operation so that the plan can be visualized. When Simulation is not appropriate?

Simulation should not be used when:
1. The problem can be solved by common sense or analytically. 2. It is easier to perform direct experiments
3. The costs exceed the savings
4. The resources or time are not...
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