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My mother Valerie is independent, honest, and courageous whose heart needs healing from life’s many hard endeavors.
My mother’s independence is what keeps her from going into a state of depression. One year ago today May 24, 2010, my brother was murdered. He was just nineteen years old with a broad future ahead of him. My mother at this time was suffering from the loss of her father due to cancer. Not having time to accept the fact that her father was gone, God had taken her child two months later. Preparing for his funeral was the worse. She did all the planning, cooking and arrangements for his home going. Helping her seemed next to impossible. Everything had to be perfect. I couldn’t do anything; it was like she was obsessed with making sure there were no mistakes. My mother did not realize how this was affecting our family. Days would go by not hearing from her. I would call and it would go straight to voicemail. By her not answering the phone made me panic and rush to her side. As soon as I began to approach the front door it opens and she would say, “I’m ok, go home”. Although times were hard for my mom she would never show her feelings.

Aside from being independent, my mom is the most honest person I know. Living with my mom as a child, all the neighborhood kids would flock to our house. Every summer we would go to the park, groups of us. My mother would watch all of us as we played on the playground for hours. Most of the children’s parents trusted my mom knowing she would not let harm come to any of us. She would always give the kids chips and freeze cups. All the parents respected and loved my mom wholeheartedly. Many nights she would gather all us kids and we would camp outside in our backyard. The parents would collectively give my mother money to supply all of our necessities for our campout. My mother was known in the neighborhood as G-Mom. Meaning everyone’s adopted...
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