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Teacher : Bibekananda Sen School : Bidhan Nagar Govt. High School Q.1. Complete each of the sentences which follow by choosing the correct answer from the alternatives given : (i) Crosthwaite was sent (a) to assist Corbett in his work at Mokamech Ghat. 1×4 = 4

(b) supervise Corbett’s work at Mokameh Ghat (c) to study the system of work at Mokameh Ghat.

Ans. : Crosthwaite wax sent (c) to study the system of work at Mokameh Ghat. (ii) On the reopening day Rajam sat on the (a) first bench beside Mani

(b) last bench behind Mani (c) last bench beside Mani

Ans. : On the reopening day Rajam sat on the last bench beside Mani . (iii) “Your constitution would stand an immediate shampoo” – Here “stand” means (a) accept (b) tolerate (c) support. Ans. : “Your constitution would stand an immediate shampoo” Here stand means ‘tolerate’ (iv) According to the authors, environmental degradation (a) gives birth to various, social problems (b) creates economic disparity among the people (c) violates the principle of distributive justice Ans.: According to the authors, environmental degradation (c)violates the principle of distributive justice. Q.2. Answer any two of the questions which follow (each in about 30 words) : (i) What did Mani forbid Rajam to do for the proposed duel? Ans.:Rajam and Mani were the two central characters in the story “Rajam and Mani” by R.K. Narayan. [1] 3×2= 6

ENGLISH-2 Since his first appearannce in the same class where Mani was a student, Rajam gradually posed himself as a great rival for Mani. Mani considered Rajam as ‘a new menace’ in his life. On one occasion, Mani invited Rajam to resolve their rivalry over a ‘duel’. Rajam having readily accepted the challenge, Mani forbade Rajam to keep everything related to that decision for a duel out of his father’s knowledge. Rajam’s father was a police officer. (ii) How was the problem of caste prejudices’ solved at Ram Saran’s school? Ans.:Jim Corbett and Ram Saran started a school at Mokameh Ghat for the sons of the workers and of the low paid railway staff. Ram Saran had passion for offering education and the undesirable distinction between higher and lower castes was the first stumbling block they faced. And Ram Saran solved this problem of making learners of high and low casters sitting together, by just turning the ‘hut’ into a ‘shed’ by removing the walls of the hut. Q.3. Answer any one of the questions which follow (in about 50 words) : 5×1=5 (i) What thought crossed Mani’s mind as he waited for Rajam near Nallapa’s Grove? Ans.: It was so decided that Rajam would meet Mani at Nalappa’s grove and end their rivalry over a hand to hand fight. Rajam posed to be a real menace for Mani as he, with his impressive debut appearance in the class, his academic excellence seemed to usurp Mani’s exclusive position in the class. On the appointed day as Mani and Swaminathan were squatting on the sand near the grove, waiting for Rajam, Mani was seriously thinking of the out come of the fighting with Rajam. He was thinking what would happen if Rajam dies on the spot suffening the fatal stroke from Mani’s club, and if his body thrown in the river is recovered. Mani felt alarmed to think that Rajam’s ghost might appear and pull his hair at night. Such gloomy and ominous thinking crossed Mani’s mind. (ii) Discuss any one of the ways which environmental plunder can cause harm to development. Ans.: One of the several ways how environmental plunder can cause harm to development is the shocking usurpation of the basic rights of the under privileged in the society. As an instance the author refers to the environmental plunder caused by massive pollution, congestion, noise, tension and etc. The worst affceted are the poor and vulnerable section in the society, namely, the pavement dwellers, street vendors. They are grossly deprived of the optimum environmental comfort and protection. Q.4. Which of the following statements are True and...
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