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Topics: Classical conditioning Pages: 2 (287 words) Published: December 10, 2012
Module 8: Assignment # 4
Classical Conditioning Scenarios
 For the following 5 scenarios identify the UCS, CS, UCR, and CR. 1. Fred has a fluffy down pillow with some of the down sticking out of the fabric. When he first tries out the pillow, a piece of down tickles his nose and he sneezes. This happens every time he goes to bed. Soon he sneezes every time he lays down on any kind of pillow. What is the:

            Unconditioned stimulus:       ______the down______________             Unconditioned response:     ______he sneezes______________             Conditioned stimulus:           ______every pillow______________             Conditioned response:         _________he sneezes___________  

2. Every time you take a shower, someone in the house flushes the toilet causing the water to turn cold and you become cold. Now every time you hear a toilet flush, you get cold. What is the:

            Unconditioned stimulus:       ______flushing of toilet while in shower______________             Unconditioned response:     _____become cold_______________             Conditioned stimulus:           ______flushing of toilet______________             Conditioned response:         _____become cold_______________

3. It is springtime and the pollen from the flowers causes you to sneeze. Soon you are sneezing every time you see a flower. What is the:
            Unconditioned stimulus:       _____pollen_______________             Unconditioned response:     ____sneeze________________             Conditioned stimulus:           ______seeing a flower______________             Conditioned response:         ____sneeze________________  

4. In order to treat bedwetting, a pad that is sensitive to dampness is placed under sheets. When this pad becomes wet, it sounds an alarm and you wakeup. Eventually you don’t need the alarm to wake up and your bladder will wake you up. What is the:

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