Mocking Jay Reflection

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  • Published : May 15, 2013
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Sci. lit. 1
Danny Radomski
                Brainwashing, or hijacking, is the biggest scientific ethical issue in Suzanne Collin’s Mockingjay. The main character, Peeta, is brainwashed by the Capitol after he is abducted from a mishap in the 75 hunger games. The Rebellion rescued him sometime after that and when he saw and attempted to strangle Katniss they knew something was wrong. The Rebels discovered that the Capitol had been using genetically engineered animals, tracker jackers, to poison Peeta and control his mind to make him hate and try to kill Katniss. The Capitol used the poison to alter Peeta’s memories involving Katniss and turn him against the girl he has been in love with his whole life. The Rebellion took action and started trying to hijack him back using a similar method. Peeta never returned to the way he used to be exactly for a long time, the brainwashing had lasting effects on him. In the end both sides of the war used a form of brainwashing to get Peeta to act the way they wanted.             Brainwashing has been tried many times in experiments by many agencies including the CIA based on different drugs and methods. The tests were never very successful but as science progresses there is a possibility that brainwashing could become a reality. Mockingjay portrays that the brainwashing was done by altering the memories of the affected. It was based with a genetically engineered poison that acted as a hallucinogen which allowed the capitol to tamper with the memories that the patient was recalling. This method made the brainwashed person act exactly as intended because their memory was altered. Using a similar method governments could use this is a multitude of ways, good and bad. The ethics involved with the practice of brainwashing would be very hard to justify, completely changing the way a person thinks and acts isn’t ethical.             The main idea behind brainwashing is harmless enough, it can be as...
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