Mock Trial: Legal Battle of the Inheritance

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  • Published : January 10, 2013
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I am the lawyer representing the plaintiffs, both Addison Heeney-Potter and Alexi Heeney-Potter. As they seek comfort and try to sort through their mothers’ uncaring and weak mess, I am here to support them and show that Estelle Heeney-Potter was in fact hopeful to leave her daughters with full inheritance and provide that she showed them a sort of love that she could not while she was with them. She in fact didn’t dislike them in any way; she just didn’t know how to handle them and couldn’t face the fact that she wasn’t being the mother she had always dreamed of being for her children. The fact happens to be that the pet caretaker in the property, Riley Rendlow, altered Estelle’s thinking and took advantage of her non-confrontational and smooth running ways in the household. Rendlow knew that Estelle was easily persuaded just because of the fact that she wanted to avoid trouble at all costs and keep everyone happy with no fuss. I am going to show you the whole story, and multiple pieces of evidence against Ms. Rendlow and her shady moves upon the family. Riley Rendlow cares about nobody but herself. She was willing to make Mrs. Heeney-Potter’s daughters even more confused and miserable than they already were in the first place after having a rough emotional and relational relationship with their mother. At first meeting, Riley was an innocent volunteer at the animal rescue, just trying to find good homes for the animals. However, when things progressed as Estelle obtained Homer and Bessie, and then asked Rendlow to house/pet sit for her while she was traveling, things really escalated. Riley knew about the family’s wealth at that point and even said that she was excited and curious about seeing the house and property. She then proceeded to kiss up to Estelle in hopes of becoming closer and more trustworthy. Her attempt worked with the soft side of Estelle and she was eventually asked to stay on living full time at the estate as caretaker of the animals. Riley...
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