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  • Published: September 4, 2010
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Our child profile consists of a seven year old, first grade girl named Sophia Johnson. She was diagnosed with Emotional/Behavioral Disorder (EBD). Currently, she is reading at her grade level and is not received Title I services for reading. She is performing below her grade level in math, writing and spelling. Presently, she is receiving Title I services for Math.

Sophia has been acting out in the classroom, on recess and during lunch. She has been acting out, crying inappropriately and having temper tantrums during lessons. This is a distraction to the other students who are trying to pay attention to the lessons. She also has difficulty sitting for long periods of time. During class, she will get out of her seat during lessons and walk around the room, which is a distraction to the other students.

During lunch and recess, she is very aggressive towards the other students. She wants to be the first person in the lunch line, so she tries to push the other students out of line. When the students are outside for recess, she tries to get between the girls playing jump rope. When the other students walk away, she starts to cry because no one wants to play with her.

The multidisciplinary team consisting of the school principal, special education, coordinator, classroom teacher have contacted Sophia's mother to discuss the information contained in her IEP.

Individual Education Program (IEP)

Profile of Child

STUDENT NAME: Sophia Johnson

HOME SCHOOL: Shawmont School

DATE OF BIRTH: August 5, 2003
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