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Pages: 3 (1009 words) Published: March 16, 2013
Case Study Analysis Paper
ENG/215 – Effective Academic Writing
Professor Lois Theisen
Tracy Barnes
March 11, 2013

After a zombie apocalypse, a dentist named Rob leads a group of scientist to safety at a former summer camp called Blue Mountain where they are joined later by Carol, a U.S. Soldier, leading a group of 20 other soldiers. Together Rob and Carol decide to train the scientist and lead them along with the soldiers to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) where a cure might be found. Rob set a plan in motion to have the scientist undergo quarantine for 10 days, to ensure they had not been infected with the zombie virus, teach wilderness survival such as building a fire, finding food, and hunting. Rob further required each scientist supply a rifle for the training. The deadline for the requirements was June 15th, however, Rob decided to check on his scientist on June 10th only to find that only 8 of the 10 had undergone the quarantine, many had not yet learned the wilderness survival, and only 2 had rifles and the ones that had rifles had no ammunition. To further complicate matters, one of the soldiers reserved sniper training on Rob’s deadline date, June 15th and therefore reserving the few rifles available. At this point, Rob was five days away from his deadline and the team was not even close to being prepared to on this life-or-death mission. Background

Post zombie apocalypse cause for a former dentist with no military training although does have some physical training because he was formerly a mountain-climber, to train and lead a group of scientist to the CDC. Scientists are needed to help find a cure for the zombie virus because the CDC scientists have been infected by the zombie virus. Although Rob has been joined by a trained U.S. Army soldier who is leading a troop of 20 soldiers, it does not appear that she has not coordinated her efforts with Rob because one of her soldiers planned a sniper training on the same...
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