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Executive Summary

College Bound Prep offers free on site after school group and private tutoring courses. Our services will first be introduced to Baltimore City Public schools; Specifically Fredrick Douglass High School. We have plans of further expanding into other public schools in metropolitan areas that have struggling school systems. Our curriculum will thoroughly prepare students for standardized testing which are evaluated and colleges & universities; specifically SAT & ACT testing. College Bound Prep will offer workshops where students can get help with their classes and homework. College Bound Prep will also put an emphasis on science because that is one major skill which students today lack.

College Bound Prep is intended to help High School juniors and seniors, but with time it will be available for more grades. We decided to become a Non-Profit organization because the average income rate of Baltimore City households is about 30,000 or less. This will allow students whose parents wouldn’t be able to afford private tutoring sessions elsewhere to have their child stay after school and get the appropriate help. College Bound Prep will build partnerships with colleges & universities on the Eastern coast with the potential to expand across the states. We will work closely with school counselors &students to help them through the college application process, fill out government aid forms and find scholarships/grants which they may be eligible for. We will hold college tours with our partnered schools to shows students the diversity of their options and help motivate. Because we offer our services to the students free of cost we will Charge a $30fee per tour which will cover their travel expenses. We plan to host around 3 tours a semester.

There are numerous other companies such as Kaplan, Newton and Frog Tutoring which offer tutoring or SAT Prep classes, many of these programs which go to onsite locations. We will use an enhanced version of the current school’s curriculum, and using student feedback we can focus on what the students need. In the State less than 28% of students are proficient in Science when compared to the rest of the world, is below standards which show the lack of science education.

With the launch of a new Company we run the several Risks and but the opportunities are quite appealing. Some of the risks which our company faces are the strong opposition which we will face from our competition. Many of our competitors have been in business for several years, and are quite credible. Another problem we will face is the current budget cuts to Baltimore’s public education. Being a non-profit organization we will require government funding we run the risk of not receiving necessary funding. While analyzing our current market we realized the opportunity based on the current rise in Graduation and College application rate from the Baltimore public schools. This shows the rise and interest of students wanting to graduate and further pursue their educational careers. The city of Baltimore has set a goal of raising the graduation rate to 90% by the year 2020. College Bound Prep sees this opportunity as a chance to work closely with the Baltimore City Public School program and help reach this goal.

College Bound Prep will be ran by 5 College Graduates all with their own disciplines which together will contribute our skills, time and some personal funds. To start off the staff will be made up of paid seasoned/veteran math, science, history, and English teachers who share in our ideal to help troubled schools. We will recruit College students as interns to help as assistants to the tutors. Using interns will help cut back on pay roll and these College interns will hopefully be viewed as role models and representatives of what it is to be a college student.

At start up each member will contribute $5000 of their own funds to add up to $25,000, along with...
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