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  • Published : March 24, 2013
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During the past three day’s simulation, our group performed not as well as the group expected. However, I took this opportunity to get to know myself better in the simulation. Firstly, I found myself being personally arrogant and conceited. The reason I describe myself as ‘personally’ arrogant and conceited is because that I had naively thought that I could run this business well by myself. I despised some roles in my group. However I did not speak out my thought. This caused a consequence that I do not wish to communicate with the group as I was only stick to my own work. And therefore, the sales manager had been selling without knowing the quantity of inventories. On the other hand, I found myself in another emotion that I do not wish to trust anyone. This is also caused by self-arrogance. I doubt every information comes from the teammates and sometimes had to confirm something myself. This lead to a waste of time as most of the information was precise. Secondly, this is the first time I found myself powerless in response to and manage change. At start, I thought the business will be run perfectly if we could just follow the instructions of the trading process and every department does their own work. This mind was in my mind all the time until I realised so many changes during the trading. I was staying in a ‘comfort zone’ in which I thought I knew my own work well and could do it well. However, the fact told me how ignorant I was. I fail to discover the external pressures. This was also the first time I found myself so busy and did not know who to response. I think I have been in stable and ideal situations too much and have absolutely no real life experience in response to changes. This simulation helped me to realise that I am so weak to face the changing environment. I feel stressed when several things come together especially the unexpected changes arrive. However, in this simulation, I found myself good at communicating and adopting something quickly....
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