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HCI -Project

ALI AMIN I09-0916

a) Abstract

Mobile ticketing is the process of ordering tickets and receiving validation on your mobile phone. Mobile ticketing eliminates the use of printed tickets and therefore the cost of production and distribution of these tickets is reduced. Mobile. Implementing mobile ticketing on public transportation is a new way to enhance citizen’s mobility. We intend to introduce a more optimized and user friendly mobile Ticketing systems that will satisfy the user’s expectations for efficiency and requirements This report includes the system’s features, interface designs that are applied according to the principles of Human Computer Interaction.

b) Introduction:
i. Product Purpose:
On-line purchasing has now been extended to purchasing with your mobile phone. Increased functionality of today’s mobile devices has contributed to the development of mobile ticketing. Mobile tickets can be delivered in different ways; via text messaging, or by dedicated mobile applications. Our target is to make a mobile ticketing application that can provide people the facility to book their tickets simply by using their mobile phones. This application is very simple and easy to use. Our application will provide the customers with the complete list of available seats according to the mode of transport . Customers can also choose between different locations. We will provide the customer with multiple payment i.e. through their mobile account or through their bank account. After booking the customers receive a text message on their mobile phones. If phone is MMS or WAP enabled the message includes an image with a barcode. If the phone only accepts text messages, then they receive a special alphanumeric code that can be manually entered at the event. The customer must save this message This message is now a ticket. When a customer arrive at the event, open the text message and hand his/her phone to the ticket collectors at the gate. Since mobile ticketing is a relatively new technology, the venue might require that the customer must enter through a specific gate or door that's equipped with the right barcode reader. If for some reason the barcode is unreadable or customer phone doesn't accept images, they'll have to enter the barcode digits manually. This application assign the nearest available transport location to the customer, so that the customer does not have to go to the other side of the city or out of the city. The customer can also select the location which is suitable for them.

ii. Product Scope
People used to travel all the time and it is one of the great experiences that they can do. People use cars, buses, airplanes, trains etc for travelling. Using public transport for travelling is cheap but people need to buy tickets before they travel. Buying tickets is a very time consuming process. In today’s busy world, sparing time to buy tickets is very difficult. People have to stand in lines to get this process done. Especially on public holidays, it proves to be greater challenge. Our aim is to make a mobile application that can provide people the facility to book their tickets simply by using their mobile phones. Since number of mobile users in Pakistan is large, this points toward an efficient solution. Our application will be very simple and easy to use. We will provide multiple payment options to the user i.e through their mobile account or through their bank account. * Prepaid customers can buy the ticket through their mobile account and our application will transfer the balance from their mobile account into the respective company’s bank account. * For Postpaid customer, the charges for ticket will be included in their monthly bill. * If customers want to buy tickets that worth more than 10000 Rs, then they have to use to use their bank account to complete the transaction. They can...
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