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▪ To register customer need to write TKET to 1200

▪ After registration customer need to change his pin number immediately

▪ To change Pin customer need to write CHGOld pinNew pin and send it to 480

▪ To Recharge or activate money wallet customer need to go retailer or I-top up point.

▪ After that retailer send money with these process CASHINretailer pinCustomer No. Amount and send it to 480

▪ To accept money customer need to write YESCustomer pin and Send it to 480

▪ To Check Balance as BALpin and send it to 480

▪ To buy ticket Customer go through USSD menu *131#

▪ After purchasing Ticket customer get


▪ Customer can print ticket from our Banglalink M-Ticket point before minimum 6 hours of Journey or customer can print it from journey station before 1 hours.

▪ To buy every ticket customer have to pay extra 20 tk on per ticket.

▪ Mobile Ticket will be issued at 3 days advance as practiced in regular ticketing

▪ The usual quota of 25% on all class-destination combination will be reserved for mobile ticketing.

▪ No train will run on Eid day, and for 2 days after Eid.

▪ Ticketing hours (for both mobile and station counters) will be from 09:00 AM up to 10:00PM. (Mobile operators can release seats upto 10:00PM whereupon servers will be kept down from 10:01PM to 08:59AM)

▪ Using single mobile number a customer can buy maximum 4 seats during Eid and can buy maximum 6 seats during other time. Earlier a customer could buy 04 seats in a day

▪ Maximum Cash In Amount is BDT 2,050/-

▪ source station:
- Dhaka kamalapur
- Dhaka airport
- Chittagong
- Sylhet
- Rajshahi
▪ destination station:
- All destination stations where train initiated from the defined source stations as above Special note:
1. Two (2) tickets can be purchased using a single mobile number for different destinations within 30 days for a particular destination one (1) ticket can be purchased using a single mobile number within 30 days. 2. maximum 4 passengers can travel with one ticket

3. passengers can use banglalink mobile ticketing service to buy maximum 3 days advance ticket (e.g , tickets for journey date 20th August can be purchased from 17th August ) 4. passengers must have to receive paper tickets from the designated counters at source stations or banglalink customer care centers at Dhaka and Chittagong using the ticket pin (received with confirmation sms) and passenger mobile number *these conditions are depending on Bangladesh railway directives and may change from time to time.






|FAQ | |How we are supposed to handle a customer in case of loosing the PIN of the M- Ticket Service? | |§Ticket PIN is shared with the SMS reply. If customer deletes the message somehow, they can call 1200 and retrieve the PIN giving the security | |question details (e.g. Source Station, Destination Station. Journey date, Class, Ticket Purchase date form Banglalink etc.) | |What will be the process to recover the ticket if the customer somehow looses or damages the ticket, which he had collected form our mentioned | |collection points? | |§Once the physical ticket is printed and then customer looses it, then Banglalink cannot help the customer. They have to go to the Train | |Station and follow the existing process as per BD rail procedure. | |3. Is it...
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