Mobile Telecom Industry in Bangladesh

Topics: Mobile phone, Mobile network operator, Telephone company Pages: 20 (7248 words) Published: October 13, 2010
Mobile telecom industry in Bangladesh
by Raiyan Mahmood Moon, Shaffat Fahmi and Shoiab Mortuza
September 16, 2010

Mobile phone has become an indispensable part of Bangladesh's everyday-life and has made a "safe haven" in one of our pockets much like our wallet that we never want to leave at home while we head for our work! Thanks to the telecom-revolution and its relentless evolution that together have made it possible even in developing countries like Bangladesh. This is the dominant device that we now express ourselves through, get our work done and share our pains and pleasures with. In this paper we have analyzed this mobile telecom industry on the basis of its customer, competitors, industry perspectives, environmental analysis, marketing perspectives and finally have made some recommendations that we believe would contribute to the further growth and expansion of the industry. Each of the sections mentioned assumes an in-depth analysis. For example, in customer analysis, segments, buying motives and unmet needs have been addressed. Similarly, in competitor analysis, we have identified the major competitors both direct and indirect ones that are affecting the industry, and figured out the substitute products which can possibly invade its market share. Moreover, the strength and weaknesses of the major competitors have been identified, while we have delved into the strategic perspectives that they pursue. In industry perspectives, we have distinguished the very characteristics of the industry, including products and markets, and identified the industry size and growth (both actual and potential) on the basis of historical information and future projections. Then Porter's five forces theory has been applied to the industry structure to better understand the barriers to entry, potential entrants, threat from the substitute products, bargaining power of the suppliers as well as of customers; also current success factors have been explored here. Then we have conducted PEST analysis to understand the current and potential trend of the industry that enabled us to project the future scenarios. Marketing perspectives have been defined in light of product, price, promotion and place that the industry practices. Very much like the nature of the technology, the telecom industry in our country is also changing very rapidly. This is now in its saturation and he subscriber base as a result is increasing at a decreasing rate. The paper presents ways on how the industry can stay here for longer period through expansion and growth before it turns to declining, of course, in light of the realities that it's now confronted with. Introduction:

The introduction of telecommunication industry has been pretty late in our country compared to that of the neighboring countries. This is very much attributable to the political unrest in early 1990s. Though the first telecom company, Citycell, was introduced ages ago, the device has not become so pervasive until 1997, the year when the biggest telecom of the country, GrameenPhone (GP) hit the market with its GSM technology. Since then there was no looking back. The industry grew at such an incredible rate in just a decade that anyone could hardly imagine. Now there are a number of players battling so hard for their respective market share and the consumers as well as the economy benefitted tremendously from this fierce competition. The following sections elaborate on almost every aspect of the industry, ranging from how it become so big, what fueled the growth to what are the risks and opportunities that it currently renders for the players. A. Customer Analysis

Customer segmentation is a vital part of marketing success. Segmenting both existing and potential customers into target markets is an integral part of strategic planning. Proper segmentation in line with a firm's competency and core product can lead to profitable growth while failure to do so can effectively run a firm out of...
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