Mobile Technology and Society

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Cell Phones and Society
Cell phones, how have they changed society? For better or for worse? Cell phones have adapted throughout generations, big and small. The technology increases every day, from the first phone, to now tablets. Does society rely on cell phones more then back then? How have the cell phones changed society with everyday tasks and communicating with one another. Do cell phones do more than one thing? I predict that cell phones have bettered us as a society, though every great invention has its ups and it's downs. Cell phones help us communicate with each other, not only by talking, texting, but web access too. But cell phones are heavily used, they are a necessity, and do cause distractions.

Cell phones have changed dramatically throughout the years. 30 years ago you were not able to do as much with it as you do now. It wasn't even possible to multitask with one, because the weight and size of the cell phone, not to mention that apps weren't invented yet either. Now you see cell phones everywhere. Soccer moms using them in grocery stores, or when their shopping. Kids and teens using them to play games or use them for the internet. Business men using them for work and projects. Cell phones have enabled us to do various tasks all at the same time.

This brings up the evolution of cell phones. In 1983, Motorola unveiled the first portable phone. The phone was called the DynaTAC 8000X, and nicknamed the "brick" due to its heavy weight. These phones weren't cheap neither, they were a whopping $4,000. For the price is didn't do much glory. Its battery allowed for one hour of talk time and could store only 30 numbers. These first-generation phones came in a tote bag that could charge the battery through a car's cigarette lighter (ehow 1).When the second generation of phones came out in 1990, they were called 2G because they were able to work on TDMA (Time division multiple access) and CDMA (Code division multiple access) systems (ehow 1)....
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