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  • Published : May 1, 2011
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According to Scott Steinberg, editor of Digital Trends “a smart phone is essentially a computer in your pocket” Steinberg says “ It is a cellular phone that does more than just make calls to the point that it can actually serve as a functional laptop or desktop replacement”. The Genesis of Smart phones

The first innovation of smart phone was created from the idea of putting together cell phones which were used for making calls and personal digital assistance (PDA) which were used as personal organisers, storing contact information, to do list and the ability to sync with a personal computer. With increase in functionality as technology grew in both devices due to continues change in new applications associated with the software. IBM and BellSouth now owned by AT&T saw synergy between these two products and in 1994 launched its first smart phone called the IBM Simon and sold it in 190 US cities in 15 states with a price tag of $899. The new technology has since then changed mobile phone industry since it release, other rival companies has come up with new smart phones either as joint venture or by producing it themselves. The Operating Platforms

This are the software’s that has evolutionalise the mobile indu
Firstly I will comment about the evolution of smart phones and this will guide me to predict how the technology in this world phones are moving.
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