Mobile Technology

Topics: Bluetooth, Personal digital assistant, Wireless network Pages: 2 (457 words) Published: March 11, 2013
Mobile technology have a big influence on humanities' lives. With the improvement of scientific, Mobile wireless technology is now being used in business,educations and industry.It is claimed that :"Thanks to the convergence of telecommunication and data communication, new work applications will rely on seamless wireless networking and will thus be inherently mobile. Mobile commerce (m-commerce) is expected to add value to the organization and its employees by bringing information, communication, and collaboration to them instead of their having to go to the source themselves. "(BenMoussa,C.2003)However ,mobile technology have both benefit and drawbacks.This essay will argue that mobile technology is good or bad for people's international life. Mobile device have several kind of communications technology to apply. In the past, it is often believed that too much line connect devices together, now, because of mobile wireless technologies,lines are disappeared. Malladi and Agrawal (2002) stated that:" mobile wireless technologies consist of two aspects-mobility and computing ."They reported that space limitation is not a barrier for connecting. It is claimed that mobile devices can use a lot of communication technology such as wireless fidelity, Bluetooth ,‘third generation’,dial-up service and virtual private networks(Business Link ,2012).Therefore ,mobile device can be used more convenient than before. Mobile handset benefits people on the move part of their life.It is claimed that mobile business was becoming main trend because of mobile handset (Camponovo.G,&pigneu,Y,2003) It is stated that:"it is often possible to carry out the same tasks that you would in an office while on the move,as many mobile devices operate the same software as office PCs"(Business Link ,2012). Mobile technology provide more flexible ways to business. Learn on the move has become the main trend in university.It is stated that:"It is easy to see why e-mail is so popular within schools and...
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