Mobile Solution for Sales Ordering and Inventory Management

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Executive Summary
ABC Company (hereafter referred as ‘ABC’) is a vehicles manufacturer. It has its own distribution centers and maintains a fleet of delivery vehicles. In current, ABC is headquartered in HK and provides services to over 2000 loyal customer throughout Asia.

HK_Soft Limited (hereafter referred as ‘HK_SOFT’) is the software development company that had invited to bid the project about developing B2B mobile solution for sale ordering and inventory management. In order to achieve the goal of expand customer base and reduce the cost of doing business. The mobile solution will help company to:

improve productivity and lower costs by increasing efficiency in daily work processes; reduce paperwork and duplicate handling by using wireless interfaces to capture data and immediately store it in back-office systems; improve response time and coordination between mobile workers improve the effectiveness of stock checking and management

The proposed system (hereafter referred as ‘SoftLink’) is an integrated system. It will combine with the existing information system, in order to provide consistent order and inventory information at anywhere. To improve the response time and coordination, we suggest the staff to access the internal information system by using mobile device via internet connection / wireless local area network. In addition, staff can keep on email communication via the mobile device email application. We believe SoftLink can achieve the goal.

For your confident on using SoftLink, we had provided a detail project plan on implementation, development, training and maintenance. In order to delivery a quality system, our project team is composed by a experienced project manager, a wireless advisor, a system analyst to inspect the system, a development team, a quality assurance engineer and professional trainer, a deployment team and programmers.

Table of Content
Executive Summary2
Table of Content3
1. Introduction and Scope Statement3
1.1 General Description3
1.2 Scope3
1.2.1 Project Requirement Analysis3
1.2.2 Project Products3
1.2.3 Project Delivery3
1.2.4 Project Maintenance3
2. Project Organization3
2.1 Organization Structure3
3. Management Subplan3
3.1 Management Objectives and priorities3
3.2 Assumptions, dependencies and constraints3
3.3 Risk Management3
3.4 Controlling and monitoring mechanism(s)3
3.5 Communication Plan3
3.6 Staffing Plan3
3.6.1 Resource/Schedule3
3.6.2 Resource Report3
3.7 Budget3
4. Technical Subplan3
4.1 Product Breakdown Structure3
4.1.1 Product Breakdown Structure with deliverables estimation3 4.1.2 Detail Definition of Deliverables3
4.2 Work Breakdown Structure3
4.2.1 Work Breakdown Structure and deliverables3
4.2.3 Detail Definition of technical Work Breakdown Structure3 4.3 Network Diagram3
Appendix A - Gantt Chart3
Appendix B - Milestones3
Appendix C - Human Resource Cost3
Appendix D - Detail Hardware Configuration3
Reference ………………………………………………………………………………....70 1. Introduction and Scope Statement
1.1 General Description
Today's customers want instant information and faster services. However, in ABC, the current information system is used in internally and email is the only common used tool for communication. This system limits the current business expansion; also it is hard to reach real-time information updates demand. For example, the sales person cannot issue or track the order outside the company. Therefore, it is worth to extend the abilities of information system like mobility and accessibility. After implemented a mobile computing solution, then no matter your staff are on the road or in the office, they can constant communication with back-end systems for sales leads, invoicing, inventory tracking, order fulfillment, and other support information. HK_SOFT will start the project to develop a mobile system solution called SoftLink.

The objective of this project is to deliver a...
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