Mobile Service Quality

Topics: Quality of service, Mobile phone, Service Pages: 51 (7265 words) Published: February 28, 2013
2011 10th International Conference on Mobile Business

A Model to Identify the Dimensions of Mobile Service Quality Christos K. Georgiadis

Emmanouil Stiakakis
Department of Applied Informatics
University of Macedonia
Thessaloniki, Greece

Department of Applied Informatics
University of Macedonia
Thessaloniki, Greece

Abstract—The aim of this paper is to identify the dimensions of mobile service (m-service) quality. Based on the literature review and intervening to specific theoretical frameworks
according to some critical characteristics of the mobile
setting (security, personalization, etc.), a new hierarchical and multidimensional model is proposed. This model is
validated using confirmatory principal component analysis
of the data collected through an empirical research
conducted among m-service users. The eleven components,
which were extracted, are consistent with the dimensions
suggested in our model.

create customer centered service and add value to the
customer should be that which creates advantage in the
market place. Therefore, measuring the quality of the eservice experience includes cues that happen before, during, and after the e-purchase transaction.
In addition, many of the research projects studying the
design of the website interface include all kinds of sites.
This approach may negate recognition of situation specific
issues (e.g., consumers have different motivations for
interacting with news and entertainment websites than they
do for shopping online) [6]. The tendency to conceptualize
e-service delivery as a single, uniform activity may cause
insights being drawn from, and applied to, incompatible
circumstances [9].
In order to deliver superior service quality, managers
should firstly understand how customers perceive and
evaluate the customer service. To that end, many
researchers did many studies in order to present models.
These models consist of dimensions which assess the
service quality delivered to mobile phones’ users. In the
context of this, the primary aim of our work is to develop
and validate a model for identifying the main components
of mobile service (m-service) quality. In this regard, this
paper makes an attempt to study the various QoS
parameters and explore the way by which they can be
mapped. Furthermore, it validates the suggested model
through a survey conducted among users of mobile
This paper is organized as follows: in Section II, the
need for this study is highlighted and a generalized set of
pertinent factors to this study is discussed. Section III
presents the suggested model to assess m-service quality,
identifying its main components. Section IV explains how
the suggested model was validated through a survey, while
the findings of that survey are given in Section V. Finally, the conclusions are summarized in Section VI.

Keywords: mobile service; service quality; mobile Internet



Mobile Internet, defined as the wireless access to
Internet content via mobile devices, promises to users
access to tremendous amount of information and products
available on the Internet, anywhere and anytime [1].
Quality of Service (QoS) is now seen as one of the most
critical components for the organization’s success. The
confirmed relationship of QoS with business performance,
lower costs, customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, and
profitability has further motivated both the researchers and practitioners to explore this concept [2].
Delivering high quality service is considered a crucial
strategy for business success and survival [3]. In the
beginning, the main emphasis of both managerial and
academic attempts focused on developing strategies to
meet customer expectations and understand e-service
quality in terms of Web interactivity (e.g., [4]). Such
approaches on measuring e-service quality using
indications that emerge from interacting with the...
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